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6-Week Simulated Audition Class

Each Simulated Audition Class is a two (2) hour session.

Coaching Announcement with Testimonials:

1st Week - Actor must bring their picture & resume & be prepared
                 to be interviewed and present 2 monologues,
                 (comedy & dramatic) - no more than 2 minutes for each.
2nd Week -- Cold Reading Audition

3rd Week -- Monologue Audition (from 1st week's notes)

4th Week -- Cold Reading Audition

5th Week -- Interview/ Monologue/Cold Reading
                  (Actor given role to prepare for 6th class)

6th Week -- Prepared Role in Scene(s)

Please submit any and all questions to: michaelkarm665@gmail.com
Please call (310) 985--5519 regarding booking time and rates

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