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Churchill and Murrow

MICHAEL KARM as Churchill

"This thrilling re-enactment of the politician and the broadcaster who joined forces to fight for freedom against fascism are among the finest two hours this reviewer has ever spent in a theater." "Karm nailed Churchill, which is hard to do with a personage so prominent. He captured the PM's soaring oratory and is note perfect, as he enlists Shakespeare's tongue to fight dictatorship."
- Ed Rampell

"To play Winston Churchill takes nerve and Michael Karm seems to use the stubborn edge of Churchill to build a really fabulous performance, and give us a Churchill full of flaws, passion and heartache."
- Samantha Simmods-Ronceros of Noho Arts District

"The performances are brilliant with Michael Karm in the starring role, bringing out all the nuances of this bigger than life figure. Tyler Cook, Chantelle Albers, and Beau Hogan round out the cast...a perfect ensemble!"
- Hettie Lynne Hurtes | 89.3 KPCCSouthern California Public Radio

"Karm is uncanny as Churchill. Each speech he delivers is laced with the giant's strength and dignity. He accurately mirrors the man's famous mood swings and adds emotional depth to his acting, most notably during his candid war room discussions with Murrow to which he reveals personal familial stories.
Anyone obsessed with history and Churchill himself may appreciate the facts about the war, Karm's representation and Anne Mesa's authentic-looking design of the 1940s set."
- Lara J. Altunian

"Prime minister Winston Churchill and journalist Edward R. Murrow, played extraordinarily by Michael Karm and Tyler Cooke respectively, come together in war and life."

"Karm could have replaced English actor Gary Oldman in the movie The Darkest Hour and won the Oscar for Best Actor. Karm's version of Churchill exposed his human side. He wasn't always difficult, but knew he had to be when it came to the world's survival."
- Mary E. Monitoro
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